Chatbot useful in 5 Ways

Chatbots, conversational agents, virtual assistants — whatever you choose to call them, automated conversation is more relevant than ever.

The growing presence of chatbots on customer-facing websites has resulted in quick and automatic answers to most online inquiries. However, it’s crucial not to overlook the value of chatbots for internal use by employees.

To maximize your support performance, it is essential to employ the right tools. When it comes to matching customer queries to the right answers, our natural language processing engine powers the Inbenta Chatbot to achieve 90% efficiency, responding to customer inquiries within milliseconds of hitting the enter key. As a customer-facing tool, chatbots can be highly effective in reducing support costs, increasing customer satisfaction, and boosting the number of successful digital transactions.

On the flip-side, can the same artificial intelligence application be used by internal users to advance their company’s goals? Absolutely.

In fact, there are many use cases for AI-powered chatbots, with each variant application striving towards one common goal: to improve the experience and efficiency of the user.

In other words, to help save time and energy that can be better allocated elsewhere.

Here are 5 great use cases that show how AI can be your employee’s best friend.


Chatbots streamlining HR support


Decreasing effort and time on task — this is the universal standard of using AI to perform tasks more efficiently. At their most basic function, chatbots help us rapidly complete menial tasks by answering and resolving our simple yet urgent problems, processing queries like “how do I file expense reports?” down to the classic “I forgot my password.”

But in this case, information is not always as available as the user would like on her intranet, and when it is, the content they find can be dense and indigestible — solutions can differ from one post to another, the tools may be different from one service to another, and so on.

To avoid this counterproductive scenario, internal chatbots can provide immediate answers to the vast majority of intentions expressed by employees. Thanks to our advancements in natural language processing, the user can instantly discover the solution that best fits her intent. Layered with dialog flows that outline potential conversational paths, it’s possible for the chatbot to provide personalized, accurate answers to the employee in a matter of seconds.